The Persuaded Dispels Darkness and Night with Dawn of Destruction

The Persuaded Dispels Darkness and Night with Dawn of Destruction

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Rockfest Records has another winner under their belt with The Persuaded’s latest album Dawn of Destruction.  This album has something for all the rockers and metalheads out there with a great balance in diversity of vocals alongside good hearts seeking to save the lost architecting it all. 

Just as vivid colors overcome and break the darkness of the night when morning arrives, The Persuaded shatters the night with the screams of “The Dawn” and the powerful song, “Forced Silence” that follows.  Immediately beginning with a message of not being quiet, proclaiming their faith and calling for unification.  Presented to us as a visual representation of coming together, Kevin Young of Disciple sings alongside them in “Unashamed,” perfectly proclaiming that we are the unashamed.

We continue with “To My Brothers,” which calls out to the faltering and fallen, not losing a hint of aggression and strength along the way.  The familiar “Wolves” hits with its solid guitars and drums that we have heard before on their recent music video release. Betrayal is a difficult thing to deal with, and this topic is discussed no holds barred on multiple songs.

The favorite of yours truly is the song that follows, “Lost Souls.”  Over and over it sings, “Where do we go from here?”, yet it also says we are certainly not alone though we feel lost. 

The tone and feeling lighten up a bit for “Heavy Heart” and changes to a more introspective plea to God.  Laying their hearts out on the table with “Heavy Heart” and “Save Me”, The Persuaded shows that they are far more than just noise.  The album picks up the pace again and continues onto “Break” that speaks of that feeling of breaking down that we have all felt from time to time.  A song laced with lyrics that are sure to resonate in any heart that knows trials and trouble. 

Dawn of Destruction concludes with “The Fire.”  A very appropriate way to end this experience, the song calls on the fire of the Holy Spirit to come rushing in as fire and rain to burn and wash away all is sinful and shameful. 

The dawn is finally here.  Darkness cannot stay where light resides. 

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