This Is Me: 1K PHEW - Be Who God Made You To Be

This Is Me: 1K PHEW – Be Who God Made You To Be

This Is Me TV just released their 1K Phew documentary. Below’s the official introduction and you can watch it above.

1K Phew got into a lot of things that he never needed to. He came from good parents, had a good church, but at a young age found himself on a path that would lead to either prison, or death.

After narrowly escaping a shootout, Phew gave his life to God.

Ignoring the college path, he took his music career on as his “fulltime job.” Without pay, he wrote, recorded, performed and started to make a name for himself in Atlanta. His southern flow attracted big ATL producers who started to work with and mentor Phew. After a few viral singles, Phew found himself in a studio at Reach Records.

This is the 1K Phew story.

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