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Can a band release one proclaimed “masterpiece” after another? If you’re talking about THE NEAL MORSE BAND, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Today is the day THE NEAL MORSE BAND fans have been anxiously waiting for. Neal Morse (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Randy George (bass), Bill Hubauer (keyboards, vocals), and Eric Gillette (guitars, vocals) released their highly anticipated new double concept album, THE GREAT ADVENTURE, on Radiant Records via Metal Blade Worldwide after releasing four videos over the past month to whet their fans’ prog rock loving appetites.

The fifth and final video for “I Got To Run”—directed by Vicente Cordero and shot in Los Angeles, CA–made its world premiere on PROG magazine’s website yesterday and is now available for streaming on the band’s official YouTube page.

THE GREAT ADVENTURE is available in three formats: a two CD package, two CD/DVD Special Edition featuring behind-the-scenes video clips of the making of the album, and three vinyl LPs. It’s the follow-up to 2016’s critically acclaimed THE SIMILITUDE OF A DREAM, which critics hailed as “a masterpiece,” will be the ninth studio album with Morse, Portnoy and George, and the third as a true collaboration with this current lineup. Together, Morse and Portnoy have launched four bands, but the one that has endured the longest and thus with the most musical output has been THE NEAL MORSE BAND.

THE GREAT ADVENTURE has already been racking up nothing but rave reviews:

“…thrill-a-minute…This is extraordinary stuff indeed, full of brilliance, ambition and light.”


“…a true Prog masterpiece.”

— Lets-Rock.ca

“We’re only one month into 2019 and already, I’m calling THE GREAT ADVENTURE the best prog rock record of the year, the one against which all others will be judged….THE GREAT ADVENTURE is an outstanding body of classic-rock-meets-prog music that shouldn’t be missed.”

— MusicPlayers.com

“…a 22-track mountain of progressive songs, instrumental breaks, signature changes, dramatic shifts and a level of musicianship rarely seen in rock music today…Today’s progressive music gets a bad rap for being soulless technical feats and little more…stellar collection of soulful musicianship and meaningful storytelling.”

— Gearphoria.com

“There are myriad highlights, and while I can only remark on a few, be assured, dear Connoisseur, that this exemplary collection contains dozens of masterpiece moments…THE NEAL MORSE BAND is a group at the top of its game, doing, with immaculate consistency and persistent innovation, what it does best – the creation of mellifluous but tough Progressive Rock, at its finest. Somehow, without repeating himself, Morse and the band continue to find new ways to feed our musical souls. Maybe that is the true definition of perfection.”

— Progreport.com

“…a four-sided epic concept album that contains both diversity and cohesiveness, enhanced with spiritually inspirational lyrics. Yet another remarkable display of modern musical storytelling, whether you were left wanting for more after THE SIMILITUDE OF A DREAM, or if you appreciate perfectly executed progressive-rock played by some of the finest players in the genre, this great adventure delivers the goods and it’s an engaging musical ride that deserves your undivided attention.”

— Sonicperspectives.com

THE GREAT ADVENTURE is another progressive rock masterpiece that showcases the band’s ability writing tremendous melodic songs with thought-provoking lyrics. It’s an outstanding effort from such a talented and creative group of musicians.”

— Myglobalmind.com

THE NEAL MORSE BAND have more than proven that they were up to the task of creating a new and masterful album…This album is destined to be on many people’s best of lists at the end of next year and is setting 2019 up to be an exciting year in progressive music. Highly recommended. 9.5 out of 10” — Metalwani.com

Of course, you can read our review of the album HERE. And don’t miss what some fans are calling “the best interview with Neal Morse” they’ve ever read.

Tour Schedule for the 2019 Great Adventure Tour
Tour Schedule for the 2019 Great Adventure Tour

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