The Mossy Mosaic: December 2018 - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh's New EP Pre-Orders Launch March 15th

The Mossy Mosaic: December 2018

Hello and welcome back to The Mossy Mosaic after a few months break. Let’s get the ball rolling again! Here’s what I loved in December.

This’ll come as a bit of a surprise considering who’s next on this list but my favourite video of the month was Dillon Chase’s brilliantly done one-shot WHOSE YOU ARE video. The message, the concept, the feel and the lip-syncing were all right on point.

Alright, I’ll admit it (again) but I love the girls in GFM. Their hearts are in the right place, they flat out rock, and they’re great at interacting with their fans. This is prob my 2nd favourite video of the year from them (after Twisted Humanity) but it’ll be a long time until I stop watching this on repeat.

Any day NF drops a new video is a great day and dang did this video move me. Honestly this is one of the most understated powerful videos you’ll watch this year.

I absolutely love this reworking of Guvna B’s Cast Your Cares song, this time featuring The Kingdom Choir (who sung at the recent royal wedding). My favorite bit though? Yeah that would be Guvna saying “yeah, I’m bout to get my Kirk Franklin on”!
Also, the story behind the song video should be used as an example in marketing classes etc, it’s absolutely brilliantly done.

This is a masterpiece, quite literally. I actually yelped when I saw this in my YouTube feed.

Been a fan of Illuminate for a while now and, so far, he hasn’t put out anything I haven’t loved. His new Winds & Waves Remix EP and the title track’s video are no different. 

Just beautiful from my dude Joel Vaughn

and speaking of beautiful. What a wonderful video!

YB is quickly becoming of my favorite ‘new artists’ and is seriously an artist to watch out for. He teamed up with Deraj for the title track of his No Shortcuts EP and recently dropped the video. 

Sadie Robertson’s part in this is spine tingling! The behind the scenes video is a good watch too.

Best Other Videos/Songs

No Friday night (my time) is complete without watching the new How Ridiculous video. The idea of them giving a broken piano its ‘final bow’ has been floating about for a long while now and it finally happened. ‘Tune’ in to enjoy a piano being decimated by a bowling ball, giant dart and the trusty old favorite, the anvil. 

They also got Tiger Woods (& Ernie Els) involved in a video…and a rock off. I mean, how cool is that?

Brilliant. Just brilliant. A hole in one! (or should that be BACK OF THE NET!??)

Great message to end the year, and start the new one, from KJ-52. The lion tamer/stool point made me clap my tv. and then up towards God. in my living room. by myself.

This is hands down the best interview I’ve watched for a few months.

I used to watch a lot of films. and I mean A LOT! Now though I hardly watch any and I have zero clue about the Avengers films (I thiiink I may have watched the first 1!). I am however a big fan of FREE DAPS. Isaac Knox of FREE DAPS decided to try something new and freestyle rap his reaction to the teaser trailer for the 4th Avengers movie and dang is it creative! I highly hope/expect it’ll go viral and those last 8 bars had me rolling! 

Speaking of ‘rolling’…

What a year DP have had, here’s their highlights package…

considering how much I hate covers of my favourite songs, I was pleasurably surprised with just how much I loved this one. love Anthem Lights!

I want to watch this, plain and simple! Find out more here

itssa bop!

And that’s it for 2018! See you in 2019 (now) where we’ll be back to weekly summaries of my favourites (post this week!). Oh and I may or may not be preparing my Top 100 music videos from 2018 as we speak so look out for that series of posts!