We firmly believe that if you’re going to make a positive change in your life you should do it then and there (although that’s much easier said than done!), but there’s no harm in making New Year’s Resolutions. So, erm, here’s ours…

In 2019 we aim to bring you even less of what the industry wants you to know about and MUCH more of the music you actually want!

We want to give a voice to the voiceless, we want to introduce you to hundreds of bands you’ve never heard of and we want to shine a light on all the amazing indie artists grinding away just to get by! We also want to get you, our readers, much more involved.

We’re already building a reputation for doing just that but even we’ve wasted our time (and yours) by ‘blindly’ posting press statements that, quite frankly, aren’t interesting (at least not to our audience!). We’re not going to waste our time, or yours, any more! Every post we publish will be intentional and won’t include too much unnecessary information. We will simply present the facts and move onto the next article.

If you know of a band we should be covering, or spot a new music video you think we’ve missed, let us know! Message us on social media and let us know and we’ll look into it and cover them if we have time to. We might even give you credit for putting us onto them you never know…

If you’re an artist who’d like their music featured on our site, click here! If you want us to give your music a massive push, click here!

To do all of that effectively and on a consistent basis (and to avoid me burning out) we NEED a LOT of new contributors! If you’re passionate about Christian music and would be interested in joining our team of contributors (or staff), click here!

Long story short, we want to do what we already do…but a lot better!

Join us? Whether that be reading and sharing our articles, or actually joining us, we hope you’ll come along with us for the…adventure in 2019 (we really don’t want to say ‘journey’!).

Get Plugged Into JesusWired; Christian Music Lives Here (or at least the stuff you don’t already know about does!)

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