Believin Stephen to release new album Glory Thieves - Audio: Believin' Stephen ft. Braille - Brokenness

Believin’ Stephen to release new album Glory Thieves early 2019

Philadelphia rapper Believin’ Stephen known for his heartfelt Christ-centered content and in-depth lyricism is set to release his new album Glory Thieves in early 2019.

This project will be Believin’s third full-length album and sixth overall release. The album features guest appearances from his brother Timothy Brindle, Braille, Ant Coughlin, Chrys Jones, Eric McAllister, and DJ Average Joe. Production credits include Grammy award winner Alex Hitchens, Braille, TeeWyla, JRhodan, JDotMusic, Profound and more. Plus rowdy scratches from DJ Average Joe.

As listeners have been accustomed to with Believin’ Stephen’s work this is indeed another concept album; this one focusing on the topic of glory. Man was made to rely on God and give Him glory. Man was created from the beginning in God’s image that He might image forth God’s glory. Due to the fall of man, man’s desire is to rob God of the glory that is rightfully His and wrongfully give glory to ourselves. We want to kick God off of the throne and set up our own little kingdoms. Stephen shares how this is prevalent in our society and most notably in hip-hop culture. The trend in hip-hop has always been to boast in how much better you are than the competition. This trend has permeated its way to rappers who are Christian more than ever before. Psalm 115:2 tells us. “Not to us, not to us, but to your name be the glory” and Psalm 96:8 cries, “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name.” God deserves all the glory since He is the perfect creator of all things and the giver of all gifts including the most precious gift, His sinless Son Jesus who takes away our sin. Sadly, due to our fallen nature we are prone to being glory thieves. In a hip-hop culture full of pride and boasting this project is a plea for needed humility.

Believin’ Stephen tackles the concept of glory on the album by:
1) Vulnerably sharing his struggles as a glory thief
2) Giving biblical examples and stories of characters who robbed God of glory
3) Encouraging the listener to not boast in self but to boast in God
4) Contrasting Satan the chief glory thief with Jesus is who is the opposite of a glory thief; and the true hope for glory thieves.

The first single Who Gets the Glory? can be heard here.

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