VERIDIA Satisfies Our Heart's Desires with The Beast You Feed

VERIDIA Satisfies Our Heart’s Desires with The Beast You Feed

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VERIDIA has satisfied our heart’s desire to hear more of what’s pouring from their hearts by at last releasing a full length album.  What a prime opportunity to really see what they are made of.  They certainly did not waste it either.  Veridia has been known to give us songs with real and relatable lyrics, and The Beast You Feed is full of even more of those words the world needs right now. 

A truly perfect opener, “Numb” touches on exactly what many of us are doing as we put on those ear buds and turn up that volume, to get lost in the music and not feel the troubles of the outside world.  Not missing a beat tapping into what’s in many of our hearts this moment, “Cheshire Smile” speaks about those moments many of us find ourselves smiling on the outside and saying we are fine when perhaps we are actually far from fine.  The world doesn’t always make it easy for us to put our real selves out there.  The theme of how we push people away yet needing to connect to people continues on with “Savage.’

We then find ourselves at this really perfect image of a pain for something not there in our presence anymore in “Ghosts.”  Mere apparitions that cannot be touched or felt anymore.  When one is inundated with reminders of something once had that is now lost, it can truly feel like a haunting.      

“I won’t stay down,” is an anthem to keep fighting.  An anthem many of us can understand and full of words many of us relate to. Pulled from the ashes of anger and sadness, this song speaks about always getting back up no matter what, and never staying down.    

“Dopamine” rushes over you with that familiar good feeling just like the chemical comfort the lyrics speak of.  Another remarkable use of imagery is found in “Perfume,” as it speaks of the joy emanating from someone to the point it fills the room and is picked up like the scent of perfume.      

The album ends with a beautiful song overflowing the pain and grief of loss interlaced through the notes of the piano that we all have felt in our time on this earth titled, “I’ll Never Be Ready”.  Departures are something that when our lives are struck by it, we will also never be ready. 

VERIDIA takes our hearts and souls on an eventful journey with their long awaited full length album.  Full of familiar feelings we all have felt from time to time that you can take comfort in knowing many others feel the same as you do.  This journey was truly worth the wait.    

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