The TCR Rundown: Introducing TurnAround

The TCR Rundown: Introducing TurnAround

Hey guys! I’m so glad you joined us for the TCR Rundown!

I pray you are able to find  some uplifting music through the bands I share with you. Most of all that you listen to the message that they have to share.

Each band will have similar messages to share (Sharing the most important message, The Gospel of Jesus Christ) but it will be through different genres. Genres like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and Worship.

Each month I will feature a different independent band or artist from the TCR Fam! To find a list of artists that we play, please visit

This month I’m so excited to introduce you to TurnAround!

Turnaround is from Indiana and the band consists of three crazy, jesus loving guys, Brock, Travis, and Colton. Their eclectic sound and message  are what sparks fans interest! When I first heard these guys I instantly thought they had a little bit of a Michael Jackson sound to them. If you check them out you will know why!

Their latest album is called Anxious. This project is very different from their previous. With its high quality sound and very relatable lyrics, listeners are for sure able to find a favorite song.  Listeners are able to find some type of truth or encouragement in each song they hear. Each song is different in their own way from songs talking about fear (“Don’t Believe It”), Laziness (“Lazybones”) to God’s Faithfulness (“How Could I Ever Doubt You”).

                                 TCR is proud to have Turnaround in the TCR Fam!

To find out more about TurnAround visit these links down below! You can also check out their Ghost Town music video with KJ-52 below.

Buy Anxious here

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