We’re delighted to announce a brand new column, and contributor, is coming to JesusWired in 2019. The column will be entitled The TCR Rundown and will be written by Teen Christian Radio’s owner Abi Jo. We’ll let Abi do the honors of introducing herself and the column… 

Hi everybody! My name is Abi Jo! I’ve loved music ever since I could remember! My favorite genres are mainly Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and Worship. My interest in radio started at the age of 15!  I was able to volunteer and learn some of the ropes with a kids radio show for about 3 years. Six months before this radio show went off the air I started Teen Christian Radio (most commonly known as TCR).  I wanted to see what it was really like to be on air.  Something different about TCR is that 95% – 98% of the artists I play are Christian Independent Artists.  

What made me decide to feature Christian independent artists?? To be 100% honest I didn’t like the idea at first just because I didn’t think people would listen. In the first 3 months of TCR being on the air I was getting quite a few requests from independent artists to play their music. So I figured why not. As time went on I made it my mission to feature Christian independent artists on a regular basis.  The reason being these musicians don’t get a lot of airplay, if any, on the bigger radio stations, and I believe even artists not on major Christian record labels have a voice to share the Gospel through their music.  

I’m very excited to be partnering with Jesuswired.com to bring you the latest in the independent Christian Music industry! Teen Christian Radio has several artists that I think need to be heard by people around the world! So that is why TCR and JesusWired are bringing you a column called The TCR Rundown where once a month I’ll be recommending an independent artist to you all! 

We’re excited, we know Abi is, and we hope you are too. Welcome to the team Abi, we’re stoked to have you on board!

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If you’re reading this, you’re a good and reliable writer, and you would be interested in writing for us, or even joining the JesusWired staff and helping behind the scenes, then please feel free to contact us here.

About The Author

Managing Editor

I've been an enormous Christian music fan since a concert by The World Wide Message Tribe in 2001. I'm passionate about spending my life changing the Christian music stereotype/saving the lives of our youth with it. I love puns, sports, wrestling & logic puzzles. I also have an English accent...because I'm English. My favo(u)rite 10 bands are: TFK, KJ-52, Disciple, Stellar Kart, Manafest, Skillet, Kutless, Family Force 5, Seventh Day Slumber and Ashes Remain. Oh, and I couldn't speak until I was 7 and have verbal (and physical) dyspraxia - don't give up on your dreams! God will use your biggest weakness as your biggest strength.

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