The Eccentric Sheep Musings: To Those in a Season of Struggle

The Eccentric Sheep Musings: To Those in a Season of Struggle

The holiday season is here.  This also means for some of us that seasonal depression is here.  If you sit there struggling to be happy in these joyous times because that dark cloud has enveloped you, please know that you are not alone.

I find that the time of seasonal depression announces it arrival when fall begins to show during the time my birthday comes along every year, and it often stays until the end of the year.  I often think more of death instead of the celebration of my birth because of it.  Later on it leaves despair on the branches of my Christmas tree, and leaves gifts of darkness in my stocking by the fireplace.

It is very difficult to feel numb while those around you smile at the decorations and gladly buy gifts and wrap them one by one.  This is not something one can always just snap out of like those that don’t understand accuse us of being able to do.  Perhaps you think back to Christmas days of the past that left good memories behind and yearn to have that back again.  I often think back to those Christmas mornings with my maternal grandparents, who both have now gone on to eternity.

Fear not, I know it’s not that easy to snap out of.  This will require a little bit of fight from you still.  Do you have some fight left in you?  I know you do.  We were brilliantly created to fight, endure, and persevere many terrible trials and remain standing.  Perhaps a little bruised, broken and scarred, but still standing.

Find something that you still like and cling to it.  Be it the lights that feel heavenly and ethereal at times, the fond memories bound to those ornaments collected over many years, or the look on their face when they open that gift you picked out just for them.

In fact, I recommend focusing on the giving part most of all to fight seasonal depression.  Whether it is loved ones’ gifts carefully wrapped in colorful papers or donations to those who can’t even afford to give their families Christmas, set your eyes and hearts on doing something good for someone else.

Not every gift requires money.  The precious gift of time with those around you is rarer than gold.  Time is something we can’t create.  You can earn and save money, but you can’t earn and save time.  Time is something only God can create.  When you give your time to people, you give a great gift worth more than all the jewels on the earth.  Trust me; it will not be those past toys and trinkets you will treasure as much as that precious time with your loved ones when they go on ahead of you to eternity.

Keep fighting today my friends.  A new year approaches.  We must keep going.

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