Demon Hunter is not only releasing one album next year, they are in fact releasing 2 new albums next year.  War and Peace are both due out March 1st 2019.  These albums are both available alongside various bundles for preorder via their website.

War Track Listing:
1) Cut to Fit
2) On My Side
3) Close Enough
4) Unbound
5) Grey Matter
6) The Negative
7) Ash
8) No Place for You Here
9) Leave Me Alone
10) Lesser Gods

Peace Track Listing:
1) More Than Bones
2) I Don’t Believe You
3) Loneliness
4) Peace
5) When the Devil Come
6) Time Only Takes
7) Two Ways
8) Recuse Myself
9) Bet My Life
10) Fear Is Not My Guide

On top of that, they have also relaunched their fan community The Blessed Resistance.  A video about the community can be found below.

Join The Blessed Resistance here.  

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