DREAM Records Signs The Ruins

DREAM Label Group is excited to announce the signing of The Ruins to it’s growing DREAM Records roster.  The Atlanta-based group is comprised of Debra Black and Victor Gonzalez, The Ruins is a duo of dynamic passion, musical excellence and unparalleled creativity.

Victor and Debra first met at church when Debra was worship leading at her church.  The two shared a creative vision and decided to collaborate and write music together forming what would end up becoming The Ruins.

“I had released a worship album a year and a half ago and had led worship in the church for years, but I kept feeling a tug in my heart to expand my musical passions beyond worship. I wanted to sing what I love to hear,” says Debra. “It was a really big and difficult decision, but it was crazy how God reached down and gave me little nudges from heaven. I heard a message on fear and then my mom called and shared a devotional about what fear does to you and I realized I had been hesitating going the pop route because it was unknown to me. I knew worship. Worship is safe for me. But God was calling me to do new things.”

Halfway around the world, opportunity began knocking. While Debra was laying bare her heart before God, halfway around the world, Victor was doing the same. “During my missions trip, at one point we went to see these ancient ruins,” Victor shares. “We climbed to the top of this precipice and could see them for miles in every direction. I was so struck that people were flocking to these broken down, decaying remains, seeing them as beautiful. At one point, the buildings were created for a specific purpose, but over time had been destroyed. Now, while they are crumbling and dying, they represent something beautiful and appealing. It opened my eyes to the reality of God in my own life in a way unlike I had experienced before. I have tons of issues and baggage, but God looks down on me and doesn’t see ugliness. He doesn’t see something ruined. He sees something—someone—redeemed.”

The group’s debut EP on DREAM will be releasing on February 1st, 2019.  It is their soul-stirring revelation of grace and redemption; their razor-sharp pop sensibilities and the generosity of two artists who know how to ebb and flow, give and take, while balancing reality with hope.  The debut single, “Deliverance” is a pop-alternative gem that captures the essence of the duo—sonically and philosophically.  Deliverance will release on January 18th along with the pre-order of the album which will ultimately release on February 1st, 2019.

“We feel honored and blessed to be able to join a team that believes in us and has the same desire we do to share our music and hope with the world.” – The Ruins

“At DREAM we love connecting with artists all the time but what especially drives us is hearing their hearts and calling with the arts.  When I met both Debra and Victor, I knew right away I wanted to work with them.  The Ruins are a great group that we feel God will use for His great purpose and we are excited to be on this musical journey with them.” – DREAM Label Group, Lance Brown.

Source: DREAM Records

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