XD Out Launch Funding Campaign For New Album; Also Raising Money for Cancer Research - Lyric video: XD Out - Everything

XD Out Launch Funding Campaign for New Album; Also Raising Money for Cancer Research

XD Out have launched a new funding campaign for their new album, the follow up to Better Day

The campaign description reads, “Hi, my name is Josh Haynes and I am the guitar player for XD Out www.xdoutrocks.com.   My brother Chris and I have been working hard on a new album, our 4th.  It’s almost done but we need your help to bring it across the finish line!  Our goal has always been to create music that offers hope, and we’ve always self funded our music.  Asking for support is a new venture for us and we appreciate your assistance.

While I wanted to talk about our new record, I also wanted to discuss something near and dear to our hearts.  Since it’s November, or “Movember” (if you have a crafty mustache) we want to encourage you to donate to cancer research and awareness.  Our dad, Jerry, passed away in 2013 from a long battle with prostate cancer, and we miss him very much.  So much so we decided to put it to music on our new song “See You Someday”.

XD Out Launch Funding Campaign For New Album; Also Raising Money for Cancer Research

In the tradition of the season and our dad, we will be donating 10% of the funds received to the Cancer Research Institute ( https://www.cancerresearch.org/)!  They are focused on finding new and innovative treatments for all types of cancer and have an “A” rating from Charity Watch.

Now, a little bit about the music!  We’ve been working on this new album for about 2 years, over the web, in-between work flights and family events, whenever we could get into the studio.  The result has been a group of hope filled songs we had a lot of fun making, listening to over and over, and we think you’ll enjoy it too!!  Below are some samples of the new music, we hope you enjoy it.”

Head on over to the campaign page here or below to check out the samples.

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