Memphis May Fire’s new album Broken is out now. Check out the video for The Old Me below and keep an eye out for our review soon.

The video was originally premiered on Revolver magazine. That descriptions states, ““The Old Me,” the first single from Memphis May Fire’s forthcoming album Broken, has received a gritty and violent visual that mirrors the song’s darkly personal subject matter. “The ‘Me vs. Me’ concept of this video represents my inner battle with anxiety and depression,” explains vocalist Matty Mullins. “[It’s] the two versions of myself that are constantly at war with each other.” Director Caleb Mallery gives life to Mullins’ internal struggle throughout the video’s surreal confrontational scenes. “[I’m] trying to remember what life was like before I lived with the symptoms,” Mullins continues, “ultimately hoping to one day become that person — ‘The Old Me’ again.””

Andy Mineo is featured on Heavy Is The Weight, listen below

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