Equippers Worship Releases New Live Album

Equippers Worship Releases New Live Album

New Zealand worship team, Equippers Worship is proud to release their debut live album.  Part 1 in the 2 part series came out just over a week ago.  The 6 song EP was recorded at the Shout Conference in New Zealand at Equippers Church.  This album captures the pure joy of their live set as they lead people into the Holy Spirit through their creative sound. “This Is How We Party” is the group’s first single on the album and when you hear it you will see why.  The song’s high energy is a powerhouse celebration song full of happiness.  Fans will also hear the group’s hit “Hands High” in it’s most exceptional experience live.  The team discuss why they made this album and what it means to them.

Check out the group performing “This Is How We Party” at this year’s Shout Conference:

Track listing:

In addition to all the exciting news of the new album, Equippers Revolution won Worship Artist of the year this past weekend at the NZ Music Awards.  The team posted a statement on their socials below

“To our friends and family who throw their support and love at us without hesitation. To DREAM for taking such good care of us and working so hard on helping us see the sound of our movement reach more! To Aaron Lee for being an absolute legend and producing and mixing our projects. To Equippers Church for believing in us, praying for us, covering us and providing a space that encourages us to reach people with our gifts.  To The Revolution for keeping us engaged with our ‘WHY’, young people.  To our Pastors for your support and constant encouragement and for taking a risk on those crazy teenagers all those years ago. There are so many people we need to thank, because there is noway we could have ended up here on our own. ‘It takes a village’ relates to the ‘ridiculous dreams’ as well.  Our skills, talents and songs don’t have the power to change lives. Just God. And so we will always at all times give Him glory for what He’s done. #AGBaby ❤  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! #EquippersRevolution”

Source: DREAM Records

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