Exclusive Premiere: Forsaken Hero Release Born In Bethlehem Video

Exclusive Premiere: Forsaken Hero Release Born In Bethlehem Video

We’re pleased to bring you the JesusWired exclusive premiere of Forsaken Hero’s new Born In Bethlehem music video.

Forsaken Hero’s Casey Price had this to say about the Christmas song, “I have always dreamed of writing a Christmas song about the birth of Christ from my perspective. How I see it in my head, the way I see it all playing out and a have always invisioned it every Christmas when my mom would set us down and read us the story of his birth in the Bible. A lot of this song stemmed from that and I feel God finally gave me the words and the vision on how to say and craft it and Josiah Prince took it to the next level producing the song and really seeing the vision through and helping me create something special and then Brendan St. Gelais did a great job mixing it and finally Nathan Dantzler put the finishing touches on the song with the mastering process, that all just made this The Christmas song I’ve always dreamed it would be! I am so truly blessed and hope this song blesses you!”

The single, which was produced by Disciple’s Josiah Prince, is out today and can be picked up below.

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