Audio: Casting Crowns – One Awkward Moment

Audio: Casting Crowns – One Awkward Moment

Casting Crowns just released a visualizer for their new song One Awkward Moment from their upcoming album ONLY JESUS. Watch the visualizer above and find out more about the new album here.

One Awkward Moment is one of five songs that have been released from the new album. Listen to In The Hands of the Potter from ONLY JESUS here.  You can purchase the singles now when you pre-order the album on Amazon.

Only Jesus releases November 16th.

Lyrics – One Awkward Moment
She’s a castaway
Stranded on the island of her yesterdays
Freedom was her ocean, but she got swept away
Little princess dreaming got lost somewhere in the waves

Left behind
She’s been going at this all alone since she was nine
But God loves you, He’s got a plan for you, she’s heard all the lines
But when she opens up her heart nobody’s got the time

Could this be the day that you come to the rescue
She’s desperate for the light but she’s never gonna ask you

One word, one hand
Tell me is that too high a price
One awkward moment
Could be the one that saves a life
Your hurt, your scars
God will use to open up her eyes
One awkward moment
You’ll see the gospel come alive
Come alive

Who are you to say
You’ve got shipwrecks of your own
You’re too young in your faith
She’s a smart one she will see right through your masquerade
You’re scared that what you don’t know might push her away
But don’t cave to the weight of the fear that you’re feeling
‘Cause she’s standing right here and you’re here for a reason

You’ve walked in her shoes
You’ve heard the lies
You know the pain
But He’s still the truth
He’s still the life
He’s still the way

Could this be the day that you to come to the rescue?

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