Fans can now support VERIDIA on patreon. Watch the announcement below and browse the support options here.

VERIDIA say, “We are excited to share our first full-length album, The Beast You Feed, with all of you! Your support is what made this album possible, and we can’t thank you enough for that. When we’re home, we are writing, recording and making videos, but our creative drive comes from the relationships we build on the road with you. We are currently creating the visuals that coincide with the new music and gearing up to tour! Beginning in 2019, our goal is to be touring as much as possible, sharing the music from The Beast You Feed with you in person.

We need your help to keep this machine called VERIDIA running, both on and off the road! Your support will give us the ability to tour, record and continue to make music. Being an independent band is uncharted territory for us, and it can be a challenge, but we are so fulfilled when we get to share our works with this incredible community, and we truly believe in the power of music to impact people in a meaningful way. Your support gives us the inspiration and the means to do our best to keep creating for you. Thank you SO much for supporting us on Patreon, for being a part of the vision and giving us the opportunity to keep doing what we love! We’re excited to make this platform a unique, special, and personal experience for all of our members!”


The band’s debut full length album The Beast You Feed is out now.

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