The entire City Rockfest 2019 is out, and it is amazing as always.  First we have The Protest, Random Hero, and Seventh Day Slumber returning to the tour.  Next up we’ve got Zahna and Amongst The Giants, who we previously saw on Summer Rockfest.  Finally we have Righteous Vendetta rounding out the lineup that will for sure be a show to remember.  If you didn’t catch The Protest on their leg of City Rockfest last year here’s your chance to catch them again and hopefully hear stuff from Legacy.  If you missed Zahna and Amongst the Giants debut on Summer Rockfest don’t miss this chance to check them out and hear their new music live.  Random Hero and Seventh Day Slumber are going to rock the stage like they always have and give us more unforgettable performances.  This is a prime opportunity to check out Righteous Vendetta if you have not had the honor to yet, whose 2017 album release was for sure one of the best of the year.  Dates will be announced soon.

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