Kurtis Parks "Hymn Like" Out Today

Kurtis Parks Hymn Like Out Today

Old Bear Records releases the brand new album, “Hymn Like” by worship leader and songwriter, Kurtis Parks.  “Hymn Like” is a collection of age-old hymns that have been given new breath through fresh arrangements, instrumentation, production, and choruses.  Having worked on this album for over two years, this is an important album for Kurtis as he weighed the history of the practice of hymn-writing which dates back thousands of years during the creative processes and development of “Hymn Like.”  Kurtis hopes that just like the hymns sung during Jesus’ time; the messages inherent in the hymns will inspire a deeper faith in the listener; as well as serve to be a reminder of the relevant and timeless truths of the Bible to the modern church.  Old Bear Records loves Kurtis’ heart; and his desire to resource the church with songs that resonate with both the eldest members of our beloved Christian faith, as well as the youth that are just discovering hymns.

So be sure to go to your favorite digital platform to get your copy of “Hymn Like” today!

Source: Old Bear Records

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