Rottweiler Records' Death Requisite releases Tormentor to radio

Rottweiler Records’ Death Requisite releases Tormentor to radio

Rottweiler Records’ Death Requisite releases “Tormentor” to radio stations across the country.

Death Requisite’s goal from day one has been to obliterate mediocrity from metal by any means necessary. Death Requisite use their unique and intense blend of styles as a vector for their thought-provoking lyrical content and enormously energetic live performance—allowing them to appeal to fans across the metal spectrum. Death Requisite has held their own against such metal luminaries as: Terrorizer, Vital Remains, The Absence, Rivers of Nihil, Rings of Saturn, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Epica. 2018 finds Death Requisite releasing, Threnody, a lengthy e.p. that sees the band pushing the envelope of melodic, symphonic death metal even further than 2016’s Revisitation.

Death Requisite have returned once again, stronger than ever, dedicated and unstoppable, to demonstrate their prowess as a metallic tour-de-force.

Check out Death Requisite’s lyric video for Tormentor

Source: Gorilla Media

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