Randy Mason Releases New Single Get Busy

Randy Mason Releases New Theory Hazit Produced Single Get Busy

The New York pastor, emcee and Thrive Collective educator Randy “Ran” Mason has just released his new single Get Busy. The song is available on digital retailers, streaming sites and can be heard on his website below.

Randy Mason says “Are you busier and or better today than you were a year ago? How so? Share your story in the comments and I will mine. Often times we confuse being busy with being better. Eventually, the barrenness of our busyness turns into bitterness and we get burnt out. Let’s be careful not to get busy without getting better. Instead let’s get busy and better together.” You can comment your story on this post.

The song was produced by Theory Hazit and the cover was by @armordtribe91 of @nycthrive.

Watch below as Randy Mason and Akil Dasan perform Get Busy at Sofar NYC while the track was still in its ‘developmental stage’.

Randy Mason is heavily involved in his own Hip Hoppin’ HeART program, find out more about that here or in the video below.

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Get Get Busy

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