Suicide is a tough topic for anyone to talk about but for some reason it seems to be an even tougher one to breach within the church and Christian community. Discussing all of that is a topic for another day but today’s World Suicide Prevention Day and I wanted to quickly collate together some of the most real and powerful anti-suicide songs for all of those of you who are struggling.

I’ve seen lots of ‘anti-suicide’ lists within the Christian website community over the years that, quite frankly, are filled with cookie-cutter ccm pink candy floss radio friendly songs and, while they all do serve a great purpose, they aren’t a true representation of the real desperation you feel when lost in the dark cloud of depression and suicidal thoughts. I hope this list at least starts to highlight a whole bunch of those real and extremely powerful anti-suicide songs. There are some secular songs in there too (as well as a couple of ccm radio friendly ones at the end).

This is a fairly extensive list of songs, and some skits etc too, but I’m compiling this list last minute and in the early hours of the morning over here so at some point I’ll do a part 2 of all the ones I’ve forgotten about off the bat! I truly hope these songs are enough to start helping you if you’re struggling.

Have songs on this topic you know/rely on? Please drop them in the comments below to help others.

If you need someone to talk to who’s been there, my inbox is always open – message me here.

Know someone who’s suffering from suicidal thoughts? Please share this list with them and be there for them.

To show I’m not messing around with radio friendly songs, we’ll start with one of the realist and almost ‘darkest’ songs on this list. As the thumbnail hints at, this obviously comes with a ‘triggering warning’.

As with many songs on this list, when I first heard this song I wept. Seriously wept.

The Last Night is my joint favourite anti-suicide song, and this is my favourite intro into it. Turn to God and I promise you last night is the LAST NIGHT you’ll be alone.

for KING & COUNTRY and actress Masey McLain team up for one of the most moving anti-suicide songs/videos in recent times. The camera work, video editing, song and acting make this a must see for anyone who’s suffering or has suffered.

The intro to this song is a woman describing depression and anxiety pretty much perfectly.

Now time for the 2nd of my 3 favourite depression/anti-suicide songs. There isn’t a song on this list that moves me as much as this one does. Listen to the end. I could listen to this song on repeat all day and the ending would move me each and every time.

Here’s the first secular song on this list. Great summary of the lies that consume our thoughts.

and the 2nd secular song on the list. I only stumbled upon this a few weeks ago and instantly I was transported back to what it felt like to be the excluded kid.

This skit has to be included, it’s quite simply one of the most powerful things I’ve ever watched. ever.

No one sees all the pain she brings everywhere she goes.
She feels they’ll never want her.
All she wants is someone to notice; so sick of feeling invisible.
All she needs is someone to care.
If only they could see that she’s incredible.
She dreams of a day when she won’t have to cry herself to sleep.
Staring at the scars on her wrists she knows this is not who she wants to be.

1 of my top 3 all time favourite songs mixed with scenes from my favourite movie was always going to move me. This is the 3rd of my favourite 3 songs on this subject. There are times when the negative thoughts and emotions I work so hard to fend off every day over power me and leave me desperately broken and lonely. For those times, I have special songs/videos like this one to remind me that no matter where I am there’s nowhere God can’t reach out to me and stop me from drowning. I may find it hard to believe but it’s reassuring to say the least. Don’t know where I’d be without this song’s existence. No better soul food at 3am.

The day this film doesn’t hit me hard, tear me up/make me desperately weep, give me a massive faith kick up the behind and leave me seriously fired up to make a difference & help someone else to not give up…is the day I’m dead. This scene has to be included in this list.

It’s Lacey Sturm, it’s going to be real. Anyone who’s heard Lacey’s testimony knows the pain of being at the lowest possible point, even if you haven’t been there yourself. There’s so much pain, and hope, in her story. In fact, the next video will be of her testimony.

Speaking of Lacey Sturm, she features on this song from We As Human that has to be included on any anti-suicide list. In the 2 years following this song’s release, a day didn’t go by without me listening to this song at least 5 or 10 times, sometimes on repeat by itself (or with the preceding song We Fall Apart once the album dropped) for hours on end.

The intro to this live version of the song has to be watched.

This is not your time
Even through its dark now
The sun will shine again

There isn’t a song on this list I’ve clung to more when the world’s got on top of me and I’ve felt completely empty and lost in depression.

You are worthy

I actually only came across this song over the weekend in clearing out my music emails/finding the submissions I’d missed and boy is this the perfect song to share today!

The ending to this video sends shivers down my spine each and every time.

And another Flawless Real Talk song/video that touches on suicide. This video made me a fan of Flawless a couple of years back and he’s one of the few secular artists I follow quite closely.

And one of them pulled me aside and said
“We never met but I swear that you know who I am
I been through a lot
I don’t know how to express it to people
Don’t think that I can but I got that mansion CD on rotation
That’s real for me Nate, you do not understand”
It’s crazy for me
Kids hit me up, say they slitting they wrists on the daily
This music is more than you think

Whenever I’m suffering from a bout of deep depression, I turn to Seventh Day Slumber’s music. In those moments their music delves deep into my soul, twists me up from the inside, makes me weep like nothing else and feel even more pain…before I hear God’s reassuring voice and comfort through it all and I pick up and, often, leave the bout of depression behind almost instantly. There are MANY SDS songs I could include here but Every Saturday screams a lot louder than the other songs to be included.

This comes with a trigger warning that it features a girl hanging herself. There is so much hope in this song. I’d recommend you stop watching at 2:50 if the ending’s going to be too much for you.

This comes with the same trigger warning. This one is depicted in such a way it has even more impact. It happens just after 4:20 so stop watching then if it’s going to be too much for you.

This is in my top 5 songs. That last verse hits me hard each and every time.
“You show me I’m more than worthless, and that life has a purpose, say I’m more than my scars, my flaws, my pains, my stains, my past, my trash, that I thought made me, but no it was You who made me, and as my chains fall, I hear You say You love me, I hear You say You want me and that You’ve been waiting for me, that all those nights I spent alone You were there along, wanting to hold me, wanted to show me who I could be, I can’t believe You want me, but now because of You I can be free.”

You are not alone…

You really aren’t alone!

You are worth more than you could ever know

There have been an absurd amount of suicides among celebrities lately and Chester’s seemed to hit the world harder than the others. For anyone who’s struggled with depression in their pasts, chances are a Linkin Park song features among the songs that mean the most to them. This video, released after his death, couldn’t be any more moving if it tried. Grab a tissue.

…and chances are one of those Linkin Park songs is this one. Here’s the official music video…

and the incredibly moving “crowd singing” live video after his death. Starts at 11:15 for 4 minutes.

It may be ear candy but boy does this song and video hit you hard in the feelings and sum up exactly how music finds the words you can’t.

Speaking of hitting you hard in the feels. This is one of the best songs on this list in terms of summing up what it feels like to be lost in your thoughts.

Speaking of being caught up in your thoughts

This skit, which features a bit on suicide, will forever be one of my favourite videos. I’ve performed this in my church with my youth group too and to hear people crying afterwards is something that will stick with me forever. There’s a moment, that will become obvious, which sends a ton of shivers down my spine.

A bit of a spoken word vibe to this one

and touching on suicide from a different angle

This is one of the songs that helped me the most when I went through Mental Health issues, there is so much real desperation, and hope, within this song! My in-depth review of this song can be read here.

“I’d be lying if I said I was fine”

And a couple of seriously hope filled songs to tie things off…

This was hands down my favourite, and most listened to, song of 2017. The amount of hope this song instills in my heart is unmeasured.

Great reassuring song from Pillar

Keep on fighting

Someone loves you even when you don’t think so
Don’t you know you got me and Jesus by your side
Through the fight you will never be alone on your own
You got me and Jesus

You must carry on
We all fall sometimes you’re not the first
But I know it hurts, yeah I know it hurts

If you believe in nothing else
Just keep believing in yourself
There will be times of trouble,
It’s gonna hurt like hell
This much I know, all ends well
It all ends well.

This Fireflight song will forever be among my favourites.
I know I stumble
I know I still face defeat
These second chances will define me
I’m moving forward
I’m standing on my two feet
I’ve got momentum, got someone saving me

Yes it’s a CCM radio friendly song but it just has to be included on this list!

That I am amazing, in spite of what I can see
When I look at myself, wishing I could be anyone other than me
‘Cause I was created, with everything I could ever need
So I’m not gonna change, I’m gonna stay
Just the way God made me

Turn the lights off
Let the monsters come
Not gonna be afraid
‘Cause I know that I’m not alone
I’ve got giants on my side

I don’t get the chance to share this song often so I’m going to take this one! Need a soundtrack to “fighting on”? Here’s one of the biggest!

And a Christian alternative fight song…

You’re not forgotten
You’re not alone
You think you’re worthless, but you’re worth it
And He calls you His own
Made in His image
You were made for more
You think there is no plan, that it’s all by chance
But don’t believe that anymore

And finally, it is NEVER too late to start over!

All it takes is a smile, a head nod and/or a hello. Look around you. See someone struggling? Reach out to them. See someone being left out? Include them. See someone’s scars? Listen to them. Remind them that you care. Tell them they are loved, that they DO have a hope and a future, that tomorrow holds the answers to today’s problems. Encourage them to keep fighting. Arrange to meet up with them again later, or in a few days and do something fun. Have lunch together or something. Most of the time they don’t even wanna talk about it all, they just want to be included. There’s no lonelier place than being isolated and trapped in one’s mind. Keep an eye out and be someone’s light today.

Don’t feel qualified to do so? Just be brave and go for it, you’ll soon find out you are. If they do need to speak to someone professional, here’s the numbers to call…

America’s suicide prevention hotline – 1-800-273-8255
England’s – 116 123

My inbox, phone or door are always open if you need to talk.

The Eccentric Sheep Musings is one of our best exclusive columns. It’s written by a member of our team who really struggles with/has struggled with depression, cutting, suicidal thoughts and mental health issues, who works tirelessly trying to help and minister to fellow strugglers, messaging thousands of people each year. For anyone who’s struggling, please read her column. Here’s Courtney’s self-injury story to get you started.

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