GFM Tour Vlogs 16!: SHE BROKE HER ANKLE! *actual footage*

GFM Tour Vlogs 16 – CJ BROKE HER ANKLE! (contains actual footage)

In case you missed it, Gold Frankincense & Myrrh’s CJ broke her ankle in 3 places last weekend at Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Thankfully she doesn’t need surgery and it’s not going to lead to any cancelled shows. Here’s the band’s latest vlog about it all…and, yes, it features the actual footage of her breaking her ankle so it does come with a slight warning that it’s not for those who are disturbed by these kinds of things.

Here’s the tea from Blue Ridge Rock Festival…(click play above).

Earlier this year Gold Frankincense and Myrrh took some time to chat with Courtney before they rocked the stage at Summer Rockfest in Breckenridge, Texas. Check out our interview with the band below.

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