Building 429 releases 10th Studio Album LIVE THE JOURNEY Today

Building 429 releases 10th Studio Album LIVE THE JOURNEY Today

All I know is Building 429 is not home yet, but with the release of their tenth album, Live the Journey, front man Jason Roy hits a home run.  One of the powerful themes woven into the album is from Matthew 14 where Peter dares to step out by faith and walks on water towards Jesus, only to fail from fear and anxiety.  Like He did with Peter, the Savior still reaches out to comfort, love and rescue the broken, and is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Part of Jason Roy’s journey opened his eyes to how God is still actively touching lives worldwide, which inspired his favorite song from the album, The Same God.

Fans of Building 429 have had the privilege of listening to each song on the new album as it was released on YouTube and streaming services periodically starting with You Can on May 18, 2018.  Along with that release, the powerful You Can music video depicts the raw emotion and struggles of a husband/father after returning home from war and having to adjust physically and mentally to his new life as an amputee. Like him, no matter what our struggles, we all need to find our strength in Christ alone.  The last song, Closer, was released today.  With a particular life lesson behind each song, Building 429 posted a devotional each time on

They set out on the I Am a Christian Tour on October 7th with Newsong, Citizen Way, and Caitie Hurst.

Check out the powerful music video, You Can starring military veteran Redmond Ramos HERE!

Read more about this amazing video in Jesus Wired HERE.

List of songs on Live the Journey

You Can
The Journey
Shame Doesn’t Live Here
Joy Unspeakable
1,000 Promises
I Still Believe
Always Only You
The Same God

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