The Mossy Mosaic: Weekly Summary 7/9-7/15/18

The Mossy Mosaic: Weekly Summary 7/9-7/15/18

Hi there and welcome back to a new episode of The Mossy Mosaic, where I rant and rave about what I’ve loved lately while not worrying about needing to be ‘professional’…not that I manage that during the week anyway!! It’ll also give me a chance to mention some of the new things I haven’t had the time to cover through a news article.

Right let’s get on with looking through the best new music (in my opinion!) from the week of 7/9-7/15/18 then…

Track of the week:

As well as announcing their Better Late Than Never tour, Lecrae & Andy Mineo took shots at their haters in a surprise new song and maaaan it’s awesome.

Favorite Music Videos

Leading the charge this week is undoubtedly GAWVI’s new Fight For Me single featuring Lecrae. It’s simply impossible to not be in a better mood after watching this. The summer vibes have officially arrived!

She’s obviously a class singer but I’ve never really been a fan of Lauren Daigle. That may be about to change. I really love this song. As in REALLY love it.

The energy and passion Transform DJs bring to this song is infectious.

NewSong don’t fall into the “my thing” category music wise but I do like the odd song. I like this one. Whether that’s to do with Tedashii’s appearance or the song itself, I’m not sure!

Thrice are one of those bands really on the fringes of Christian music and each time cause the ‘should we be promoting that’ debate. Either way, I enjoyed their new song so I’m going to include it (it’s my column, I can do what I want haha!).

Other videos and things I’ve loved

With every new thing Roy Tosh puts out he climbs higher up my favorite artists list. In his latest Monday motivation video he talked about how to be a worldchanger. Check it out.

I was scrolling through my YouTube feed thursday night and to my surprise and utter delight the new How Ridiculous video released a day early. It did, however, feel wrong to be watching it on a thursday and not a friday! This time the giant dart takes on concrete and features a mysterious appearance of the white knight…

Loso’s latest battle dropped, this time at KOTD’s Mass4cre. Not his greatest battle yet but I could watch Loso battle rap all day long. Obviously this comes with a “strong language” warning but, again obviously, not from Loso’s side!

I can’t say Rawsrvnt’s latest video was a favorite, I liked it but I didn’t love it. I did however love the combination of the story behind it and the video itself (read the story here). I also loved being able to feature Japhia Life on the site for once!

Video I missed last week

If I’d had the time to check out Legin’s new Spark video last week, it would have made the column last week. So I just had to share it this week. This is really well delivered…

Due to holidays/a weekend away etc I’m just a little behind on my weekly summaries. This one was typed a month ago but never published for some reason. I’ll catch up on the missing weeks in a bumper post at some point soon and start the weekly summaries again in the next couple of weeks.

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