The Mossy Mosaic: Month Summary 7/16-8/19

The Mossy Mosaic: Month Summary 7/16-8/19/18

Hi there and welcome back to a new episode of The Mossy Mosaic, an unintended special bumper episode to catch up on the past month of things I’ve missed due to being away/too busy to start it back up etc. So without further ado, let’s get caught up on the best stuff from the past month (and 3 days!)…that I know about! The intros will be short!

Most Powerful Video:

The moment for KING & COUNTRY teased this video and we saw it featured Masey McLain (I’m Not Ashamed), we knew it was going to be powerful. And we weren’t wrong. For anyone who deals with, or has dealt with, depression and suicidal thoughts, this video’s for you. If you haven’t, this video’s still for you so you can better understand how to help those who do. If you don’t watch anything else in this article, please PLEASE watch this and fully immerse yourself in it.

Favorite Music Videos
Without a shadow of a doubt my favorite music video of this past month is this one from Riley Clemmons. I obsessed over it A LOT (but not quite to the level I did with her debut Broken Prayers track/video!). Her debut album is now out and it’s well worth checking out!

KJ-52 continues to put out stellar content. Video wise, it’s always quick and simple…but when the words are what matters anyway, it doesn’t matter one bit. KJ-52 & goldinchild have rereleased their Sons of Intellect album as a double cd, the 2nd cd being 8 new tracks from the pair that, quite simply, are heads and shoulders above the rest of the whole of the CHH market. I have watched this video an awful lot.

Speaking of OGs, TobyMac continues to show the young guns how everything’s done…with his new Everything video (it’s almost like I said that first everything on purpose…). This video’s message is, well, everything…(i’ll stop!)

Ledger’s debut music video delivered, and then some. Jen wrote the video treatment herself so it properly conveyed the anguish within the song, a song very close and personal to her…and now a lot of fans too, myself included.

This made me laugh. A LOT. The song has meant a lot to me personally so I was hoping it would get the muusic video treatment but this was way more than I could ever have hoped for. Enjoy the laugh folks!

Jordan Feliz’s Changed video is extremely well done. Every detail is spot on and boy does it put you in a happier mood.

Switchfoot took a break from their break to release this. It’s excellent as always! If Switchfoot release a bad song, the world ends that day!

I was introduced to this after our interview with Rubi. This bangs!

I liked this band’s facebook page a while back, they posted a cool pic a few weeks ago, I thought they looked cool, I properly checked them out. And I liked what I saw. And I wrote this article. And I just wanted to start a 3rd sentence with and! This track is awesome so give it a listen but please also go and check out the 12 days of Christmas video in that article I wrote – it broke me!

Good solid song, good solid message, good solid video. I guess you could say this is really…erm…solid.

The lyrics to this are what resonated with me the most.

It’s rock, it’s being included! New As We Ascend live music video…

I usually steer clear of songs that feature a different language because I only know the one (and I struggle with that one at times!), but I LOVE this track. ESPECIALLY the end portion, I could listen to that on repeat for hours…probably!

I don’t know much about the secular music world at all but if there’s a better sounding/more easy to listen to band out there than NEEDTOBREATHE I’ll be shocked.

It’s Austin French, it’s always going to be solid. I love the song but I personally don’t think the video flowed as well as it could have done. It’s still powerful all the same and really worth the watch.

This was missed on the last episode (please forgive me?!) but if you need a worship anthem to gee you up then look no further. It’ll have you bouncing down the street! If you do belt this out as you dance down the street then please remember to add on a please on the end of Move Out Of My Way, I don’t want to be blamed for your rudeness!!

24/7 is an anthem that’s slightly on the quieter side of what you might expect from Illuminate, but it vibes big time!

Sharing simply for Loso’s verse!

Yet another gentle, calming and beautiful song and video from Sarah Reeves. I’m a fan!

Are you good at catching? No? Well you’d better practice because Beacon Light wants you to catch his vibe. [The song’s much better than this lame intro believe me!]

I really enjoy Cole’s flow…

This is just fun and oh so joyful!

I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of Plumb’s music in general but I am a fan of how she seems to be with her fans and of the odd song though. I’m a fan of this video too!

Favorite Other Videos
This is hands down my favorite How Ridiculous video for a long time, if not ever. Chucking a fridge off that tower would have been enough for me but they did it as part of a game I want to play so badly and all 3 were on fire flair and humor wise throughout. Watch it, just watch it. You can thank me afterwards. Also, Brett, please don’t steal Gauno’s line again, I’m a broken man now…as I’m sure Gaunson is too!

The best Dude Perfect video for a long time, and considering that every video is excellent that’s saying something. After my recent interview with Joel Vaughn we discussed Dude Perfect and we both reckon I should be Ty’s beardless shadow. I’ve always wanted to be in Dude Perfect, but that’s now intensified to new levels of weirdness. Anyways, back to the video. It’s their 3rd annual all sports golf battle and features Citizen Way’s Wavewalker feat. Bart Millard and they fit together seamlessly like hand in glove, or baseball mitt.

I want that net gun, that’s all there is to say…

Even though I’m not a fan of wide open spaces of water this looks like an awful lot of fun! Minus that second round of course, I’m shaking just thinking about it!

It’s a How Ridiculous bullseye video so say hello to our old nemesis Gerald!

It’s 20,000 jelly beans being poured off a 45meter tower with 3 legends/idiots trying to catch as many as possible. I mean how ridiculous is that? oh hang on, maybe that’s where their name came from…
Also, I now want to eat jelly beans. Thanks How Ridiculous, thanks a lot!

John Crist continues to answer the world’s most important questions, and in his funny charming way. It annoys me that people like this exist. These are the kinds of debates I have in my head ALL the time…but if I tried to film myself doing it I’d come off as some creepy nutter. John just comes across all cool and stuff and it, it, it just, pisses me off! (and makes me laugh!) John, if you’re reading this (which let’s be honest here, you’re not!), I love you really!

Roy Tosh continues to drop those words of wisdom…

This new LD album is gonna be goooood! Another great song!

Reach dropped a Summer Playlist of mostly new tracks on us, including this one from Tedashii and Canon. It’s since been used in Monday Night Football promos.

We premiered Adelaide’s new song and it’s really good, check it out

Quick Album Highlight

The new album from Derek Minor, The Trap, is really solid and highly recommended. It’s going to take A LOT more listens and research until I can understand it all more though!

Non Christian Highlights
I shared the track in my 1st column and now there’s a music video for it. If the track portrayed the subject matter well, the video does an even better job. Check it out and it’ll soon become clear what it’s about!

I have to include this in my column. We all need to spend less time on our phones and escape to the real world (when did it become THAT way round?!) and this depicts that really well. Plus the song ROCKS!

“Get Plugged In!” To JesusWired
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