The Eccentric Sheep Musings: Dear Church, You Are Not A Business

The Eccentric Sheep Musings: Dear Church, You Are Not A Business

When I attend a Christian Rock concert, there are many different people from across town, across the state, and sometimes from out of state or across the country.  We all have the same purpose being there.  We are in complete unity enjoying the bands and praising God.  It’s one of those occasions where I really feel the oneness we are called to feel.

The coolest part about all of this is that I have no earthly idea what church any of these people go to.  Yet we are still united together because of God.

Sadly, I do not feel this same unity between churches.  They feel like separate entities.  From my experience, it’s incredibly difficult at times to get another church to get on board with a concert in their town when it’s not at their church.  I have heard the idea of not promoting events for other churches because they compete with their church.

Wait wait wait!  Compete?  Like compete for members?  Compete then also for contributions if you are competing for members?  This sounds even worse than separate entities.  This sounds like businesses.


Who are you to say if that person is suppose to be a member of your church?  Who are you to say if that person is suppose to be at your event that night?  It is God who has plans for them.  Who are you to be in the way of where God wants them that night?  It is not your place to decide where they will be.

Not all of us connect with God as well at church as we do concerts.  Christian rock bands are very good at speaking about tough and taboo subjects that the church isn’t willing to take up.  Many people find Jesus at a concert and not church.  When you do not promote concerts in your area, you keep people from finding Jesus.

When you do not promote Christian music concerts at other churches in your area you snatch the hope of Jesus out of the hands of your community.  You shut the door to eternity in the face of those who do not believe.  All to preserve your precious congregation.

You speak of budgets, incomes, and bills.  You are not a business though.  You might serve your congregation, but you are not selling a service and receiving compensation for your service.  You say you need all these things like this building, pews and books, but you are wrong.  You do not need all of these worldly man made things to be a church.  If you are putting your people in debt for a temporary worthless building, your priorities are a little off.

You might feel limited by money, but you serve a God who is not limited by money.  Therefore we are not limited by money.  You do not need the latest technology and far away and expensive mission trips to serve God and save souls.

Churches are not businesses.  They are not separate beings competing against one another in hopes of getting enough customers to receive enough income to pay the bills and profit to live off of.  I often wonder if it is because we pay many people in churches to work that we get hindered by this need for income.

We are supposed to be in this together.  We are all one family.  We are working together to help each other get through this life so we can spend eternity together.  When I attend Christian concerts I feel this unity, but when I attend churches this unity is not there.

I often wonder if these church walls have become nothing but barriers.

Photo by Chad Fenner

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