Getting To Know Frank Palangi - Video: Frank Palangi - National Anthem Performance - Cool Arena

Getting To Know Rocker Frank Palangi

New York based singer/songwriter Frank Palangi has been making his mark on the music industry since 2006 and professionally for a decade. A mix of old school kick with contemporary rock flavors, the multi-instrumentalist caught the eye of the band Day Of Fire and producer Roger Masson (Marilyn Manson), resulting in the release of his self-titled EP in 2011. Continuing his route to success, Palangi has gone on to open for numerous bands including 3 Doors Down, Fuel, Trapt and Shinedown to name a few; releasing his follow up EP I Am Ready in 2013. Featuring Lester Estelle and Noah Henson of Pillar, the EP cemented the singer as a notable and upcoming rock soloist with a sound that will appeal to fans of Creed, Daughtry and Skillet. 

Palangi has since gone on to release his Set Me Free EP in 2017 and is preparing to release his 4th EP in 2019. With a driving rock-metal sound, deep gritty vocals, soaring melodies and positive lyrics, Frank Palangi really is an artist you need to know.

Watch below as I get to know the man and heart behind the music, why No Plan B is his motto, what it is about rock music he loves, the role Josh Brown (Day Of Fire) played in his career and lots more.

As referred to in the interview, Frank Palangi recently performed the National Anthem via a Guitar Solo at the DCU Arena in Worcester, MA for the Mass Pirates Football Game. He absolutely nailed his performance and you can check it out below.

Pick up his latest EP Set Me Free below and check out a couple of music videos and a recent promo video. He will be releasing his 4th EP in 2019 so make sure you get plugged into his socials below to stay wired in to any updates.

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