We’ve gone to the humongous effort of congregating all of Gold Frankincense And Myrrh’s Summer Rockfest vlogs into 1 article, it took days of hard work and tremendous trials and challenges that left us seriously question everything**….so watch them ok?

Be sure to subscribe to them on the Tube of You for all future videos and specifically video logs (I think there’s a short name for them?!). We’ve also heard some shady rumors, some of which are from the band themselves, that there may or may not be new music in the works but shhh, don’t tell anyone. Instead, follow them on social media and sit back gleefully with the possibly true knowledge you hold.

** All timings of creation are subject to exaggeration. In truth, it took us, well me, less than 5 minutes and was super easy. You should still watch them all though!

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NB. This is the most professional article I’ve ever written***.

***I lie.

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