Zahna Is Red For War With Rockfest Records Solo Debut - Zahna Has Gifted Us With the Powerful and Raw Piece of Art that is Red for War

Zahna Has Gifted Us With the Powerful and Raw Piece of Art that is Red for War

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After years of a musical drought without any new releases to quench the thirst on our lips from this amazing artist, Zahna has released her debut solo album Red for War on Rockfest Records.  Alongside Joshua Bertrand and Patrick Madsen, she has created an incredibly raw piece of work that tells a story of going through pain but also having hope that holds nothing back from us.  The intense emotions overwhelmingly pour forth from these songs, and it is the oasis in the desert we have longed for.  Drink it up!

Our experience starts strong as Zahna gains our full attention with the screams that are the intro to “Unshaken” as she encourages us to get up, keep fighting, and remain unshaken and unwavering.  “Misery” continues the journey staying as powerful as ever and reminds us how holding onto the past and its pain does no good for us.

“I see the fire in your eyes
Nothing will heal you but just precious time
So take your precious mind off this
(‘Cause even if they paid)
Would you feel alive tonight?”

We find ourselves at “Underneath” which we have heard before and was the piece that gave us a glimpse at what Zahna had in store for us.  Real and realistic tellings of the darkness we all have underneath that we often hide from the world.  The same darkness that is shattered by the light that is God, because “I swear, this isn’t me.” He truly can save us from what is underneath.

Zahna dares to go where few have on songs like “Divided Nation” and “Your Gun Vs. My Knife.”  She takes on the tricky territory of the division of politics and the struggles of the music industry without losing her footing once on the dangerous curves and cliffs of these topics.   “Divided Nation” is perfectly worded as to make her point, but also not be polarizing and leave those out because of differing beliefs.

Within the pains and screams is also a few uplifting songs overflowing with beauty, love and hope that is absolutely overwhelming.  “With You,” is about finding love on these hazardous and treacherous roads where we often find much heart ache along the way.  “Dreamer” is one of the top songs on this entire album.  This song is about not giving up on your dreams and not allowing the destructive voices within keep you down and away from what God has prepared for you.  When the road gets rough and we want to lie down and die, and God says, “Get back up, keep going, don’t give up, I have many plans for you still.”

“Don’t lie now, I saw it in your eyes
I saw it in your eyes
I know it’s still inside”

This album is worth every day, month, and year we longed to hear more from her.  It truly feels as if every struggle and heartache she faced prepared her to put out this amazing piece of art.

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