I Still Dream is a solo project from musician James Dye. He started out in the Midwest hardcore scene in the early 2000’s playing the same shows as bands like Symphony In Peril, Gwen Stacy, Bloodlined Calligraphy, and many others. I Still Dream’s musical style blends melodic hard rock with hardcore elements. The lyrical content covers various emotions and topics with anthem style hooks from a faith-based perspective. Recently, I Still Dream was featured in Indie Vision Music’s Friends and Family compilation album.

James says about his Broken single, “I wrote Broken over the last few years when my dad had a medical scare and then eventually passed away. When I wrote the song I thought a lot about the relationship between God and Jesus. Then I mixed in my personal struggle of navigating my father’s death and reminded myself of what Jesus did for us.”

He goes on to say, “Now I’m currently trying to bring more awareness to the support of people who suffer from PTSD and mental health.”

Listen to Broken and pick it up on Bandcamp below. Be sure to like his page on Facebook below to stay wired in to all his latest updates.

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