Gallery: Disciple - Creation Festival NE by Annette Holloway
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Gallery: Disciple Radically Set Creation Festival NE Stage Alight

Foreshadowed by Joey West’s powerful drum solo intro, it was game on when Christian rock band Disciple exploded onto the massive stage then sailed through their performance at Creation Festival NE in PA.  From “Radical” to “O God Save Us All,” lead singer Kevin Young only caught his breath a few minutes to share how God is with us to the souls covering the hillside. Throughout the night, secret weapons Josiah Prince and Andrew Stanton proved one doesn’t need gravity to shred like a pro, and erased all doubt that they were the most energetic presence at the festival. Check out some of the action in the live concert photo gallery below.   – Annette Holloway

The slideshow plays automatically. To see a full screen slideshow, or to view the photos at your own pace, please click here.

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