Ladies and Gentlemen, this habit of stereotyping needs to stop. 

It’s the thought that goes something like, “Everyone who is _____ is ____,” or, “all ______ are like _______.”  It’s the idea of assuming everyone who shares one similar trait must all be similar in other ways.  It’s the idea of assuming that every single person of one race acts the same.  It’s the idea that every single person of one belief does the same thing or says the same things.  The idea that one large group of people brought together by one small similarity must all be the same like an army of clones. 

Do you realize how foolish you sound when you stereotype?  You are speaking ideas that are absolutely impossible.  God created every single one of us beautifully unique from one another.  We are amazingly diverse from each other varying in many ways from appearances on the outside to experiences that shape us all differently on the inside.

We are purposely created different from each other.  We are all shaped differently from inside and out to carry out unique tasks and missions for the kingdom of God.  The body of Christ can’t operate without of all its unique pieces and parts.  So many things must be done.  Therefore so many different people are needed to be carefully crafted to complete all these things. 

So when you say everyone in one group is ALL one certain way, you look foolish.  One group of people might all share one little thing in common, but they could never all be this one way you say they are.  Even the one thing they share in common varies from one another because we are so varied and unique.  Not all people who share the same race have the same shade of color in their skin.  Not all people who share the same gender look the same because even their similar body parts vary in appearance.  Not all people who share the same beliefs have the exact same beliefs because experience shapes our beliefs and traditions, and not everyone has the exact same experiences and conclusions from those experiences. 

So, how can one group all be one thing if even that one thing among them they share in common isn’t even exactly the same? 

Stereotyping is an impossible idea.  It only divides people.  Jesus came to unite this world as brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God.  The world wants to divide us into many groups separated by tall walls so we never truly see each other. 

We are all one group.  There is no this group is like this and that group is like that because we are all one in this together.  We are the family of God.  Do not let the world put a wall around you brick by brick to separate you from your family.  Do not let the world lead you to believe God’s beautifully diverse children are a mass of clones bred to be the same.  Do not assume that just because the person next to you has one trait means that also have many others. 

When you leave people out of your life because you think you know them, you do yourself a disfavor by missing out on having that incredible person in your life that you truly do not know like you think you do.

Let’s stop the stereotyping today.  It’s foolish and not even possible.  Let’s be in awe of the gorgeous design that God created in us that makes us capable of being the body of Christ.

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