I’ve come across this phrase a lot, ‘Battling/fighting/struggling with my demons’ in movies, TV series and even blog posts. I didn’t think much of it at first as I thought it was just a new way of saying the frustrations we are dealing with. But as some write-ups I’ve come across painted virtual scenarios of its literal meaning, I started to get worried. Why are we giving demons whether literal or figurative, so much credit?

As much as life sucks sometimes, it gets better as well. I feel like by glorifying the things that torment us, we flesh up the skeletons that they are and boost their morale to haunt us the more. As if it offers some kind of pleasure from being plagued with unpleasant things. I remember watching cartoons where you see an angel and a devil standing on each shoulder, whispering ideas into a child’s ear. The child gets conflicted yes, but at the end, he makes his own choices and lives with the consequences.

A colleague at work asked me what I thought the voices in our heads were: ‘Are they external forces or a part of ourselves?’ That got me thinking. Sometimes they are taunting; other times they are comforting. I also asked what it felt like when the voices go quiet and leave our minds blank; especially when you’ve run out of ideas and would really need a voice to offer one or at least encourage you not to give up?

I believe God sends his angels to watch over us and to deliver his messages to us. It might not always come in the form of a voice but even through people close to us. Most often, I decide to do or not do something then a pressing voice keeps telling me to do vice versa. I heed to it and realize it was God prompting me and the times I didn’t listen, I knew I had no one but myself to blame.

Considering all the blows that life hits us with, I’m thankful for the angels God sends to minister to me. They guide me as I walk (literally and figuratively) so I don’t stumble and fall. Instead of giving our worries a shout out, why not shower God and His servant angels some accolades for keeping us safe? I’m not a stubborn person, I believe but as human as I am, I’m sure I do give them a tough time from time to time.

Thanks Lord for everything.

© Josephine Amoako 2018


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Josephine Amoako is a contributor and a lover of Christian music from Ghana. She's an enthusiastic writer of stories, Christian and inspirational articles and poems. She's also a graduate of the University of Ghana, where she read French and Psychology. She has dreams of becoming a script/screenwriter in the future and has a burning desire to share her talent with the whole world.

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