KJ-52's Raising Funds for Sons of Intellect re-release + new EP

KJ-52’s Raising Funds for Sons of Intellect re-release + new EP

KJ-52 & Goldinchild are re-uniting to not only re-release Sons of Intellect’s Insightful Comprehensions but also to release a brand new EP. There are just 10 days left to back the PledgeMusic campaign. You can find out more, and back the campaign, here.

KJ-52 released his new Jonah Part Two album earlier this year. What started out as a few bonus songs for his 2017 Jonah project turned into a full length project of its own. Jonah Part Two was funded by a PledgeMusic campaign and features Sean C Johnson, Canon, Goldinchild and more.

Also funded by fans on Kickstarter, KJ’s Jonah documentary-come-movie came out this year. Birthed out of telling the story behind Dear Slim, the movie takes an in-depth look at KJ’s life, music and ministry. The movie can be rented or bought (and downloaded) on Vimeo here.


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