Review: Iryne Rock Truly Brings A Song For Every Listener With Just For You (JFY)

Review: Iryne Rock Truly Brings A Song For Every Listener With Just For You (JFY)

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On her official website it says that Iryne Rock wrote songs “suited for every listener” on her debut album Just For You (JFY).  Iryne has reached her goal for sure with an album full of a variety of sounds and genres all working together to glorify God.  Everything from pop, R&B, gospel, and praise can be found through these songs all intertwining and seeking the same purpose.

Iryne gives voice to our silent cries throughout this album in songs full of incredibly moving worship to our Lord Almighty.  The single, “Fire in my Veins,” has a distinct guitar playing in the background alongside Iryne’s words about desiring to be more like Jesus with a spirit full of fire to serve him daily.  This was the perfect single for this album, and a perfect song to have on at the start of a new day to stay focused on serving our Lord and Savior and showing him to the world through our words and deeds.

“Anything” is a great opener.  It’s a smooth song that glides along speaking the words that we should be saying ourselves to God, “I would do anything for you.” “So Endless” is incredibly peaceful continuing this journey of graceful beats and praise filled lyrics.  “You are my shepherd” picks up a little bit with a greater percussion presence and uses the image of God as our shepherd and us as sheep led by him and at times needing rescue.

“To Be Different” has an R&B feel to it, with Iryne beginning with some attention grabbing notes on the lower end of the scale while she encourages you to stand out and up for God instead of worrying about fitting in the world.  “Meet Us Here” has a lighter feel with awe-inspiring harmonies full of praise, worship, and desire to be close to God.  Iryne shows off her Worship Leader skills in the song that is the name sake for the album, “Just For You.”

The warmth of the sun on a brand new day full of hope can almost be felt through “All is Alright” with how full of positivity, optimism and faith it is.  This song feels like sunrise.  “Overflow” leaves us with one last example of Iryne’s powerful voice with one last song that has quite a fitting song title because it is in fact overflowing with worship to God.

Iryne explores so many styles and sounds on this album.  This album will surely be a light to your heart in dark times and ignite the fire in your soul to continually seek God’s presence.

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