Mosaic Rain Recordings & Mast of Glorious Release Jesus Ways Single

Mosaic Rain Recordings & Mast of Glorious Release Jesus Ways Single

With a huge chunk of music being focused on everything but the positive, many people are searching for something deeper while still being able to entertain. That’s something music industry mainstay Tre Carn has a bit of experience in, moving from running a successful A&R consultancy, returning to his original talent songwriting, he’s now the lead in-house writer and producer for Mosaic Rain Recordings‘. In exciting news Tre, Christian music artist Mast of Glorious and Mosaic Rain Recordings recently celebrated the release of their hypnotic new single “Jesus Ways”, a song that carries an uplifting positive message about maintaining faith in the face of temptation.

“It’s the amount of faith and belief a person has that determines whether or not they’ll succumb to Satan’s traps. He’s always searching for that grey area ” commented Tre.  “I tried to get that message across in a fun, imaginative way on the new single ‘Jesus Ways’.  I hope it raises spirits and helps bring listeners closer to God’s grace.”

Mast of Glorious delivers a blend of different styles that combine for a quite compelling effect.  On “Jesus Ways”, elements of Christian, Rock, Folk, Pop and Country, all come together for a powerful effect.  “Jesus Ways” follows up the successful “He Has Come”, another Mosaic Rain release that celebrates the power Jesus can have in changing a person’s life for the better.

Early feedback for “Jesus Ways” has been positive across the board.

Michelle S., from Utah, recently said in a five-star review, “Mast of Glorious is something very special.  They don’t seem to follow any of the traditional rules of songwriting and just do what comes from the heart and deliver a special and unique sound.  ‘Jesus Ways’ is my favorite worship song at the moment. It has a very modern sound, I think it will do well in bringing a younger audience to Christian music.  Fully recommended.” JESUS WAYS arrives at all digital platforms 6/15.


Source: Mosaic Rain Recordings

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