Worship Central Invites God to 'Stir a Passion' in the Church

Worship Central Invites God to ‘Stir a Passion’ in the Church

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The UK based group Worship Central released the live-recorded album Stir a Passion earlier this month. Coming out through Integrity Music, this live album was recorded in the fall of 2017 at “The Gathering” conference. Worship Central is a group that trains worship leaders to bring passion- stirring worship to their local churches.

“Pray” kicks off the album with a dynamic intro and steady percussion throughout. Equally energetic, “Majesty (O The Mystery)” seeks to point out the duality of the majesty and mystery of God. “Never Give Up”, a techno tune, sings about God’s love that lasts “forever and a lifetime”.

At a slower tempo, “Stir a Passion” begins softly sung. The melody moves smoothly throughout the song to the crescendo of the bridge’s lyrics “let it rise let it rise/ holy fire burn inside/ let it rise let it rise/ all for Jesus”.

To set the mood for “All for Love (Gethsemane)”, a piano lightly leads in with a simple melody. “As You gave Your Spirit/ Grace now complete/ Your wounds now our healing/ Your pain now our peace” are the freedom- proclaiming lyrics from one of the verses.

“Praise the Lord (Evermore)” can only be described as a private worship moment. There are places in the song where one can sing along or just stand in the presence of God. A moment of spontaneous worship breaks up the track. “O Lord We Seek Your Face” is a tranquil, simple song that humbly invites the Spirit into our lives.

Using the metaphors of streams, rivers, and fountains to describe God’s permeating presence, “Waves” is a call to be still and know God. The instrumentation even mimics a serene stream. Like raging waves, He is “mercy overwhelming/ love so deep”.

“Glory to Glory” features Tim Hughes singing of the faithfulness of God and the unity of the church. Serving as a reminder, the lyrics ask for God to “Give us faith/ no walls divide/ here and now God/ let Your church arise”. Similar in title, anthemic “Hope and Glory” ends the album with a song perfect for corporate worship.

In some final notes, Stir a Passion is a typical worship album. Taken as a single worship session, listeners can find dynamic songs among more quiet ones. Taken as individual songs, there are tunes for any worship mood a person may have. Lyrically, the individual songs cover many aspects of God’s nature such as love, sacrifice, holiness, and glory. The performance is high caliber throughout, using a variety of instruments in the call to worship. Worship Central’s mission contains the potential to revolutionize the local worship scene in that, at its heart, it cries for God to stir passions within His church.

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