No Way is a song about resilience. When life hits hard and obstacles seem too big to overcome, we look within to find the source of our help. When opposition and circumstances tell us that we cant make it and we should give up we look them in their face and tell them…No Way.

No Way was produced by Timmy Vogel aka T-Vision. He brought the song and the hook to J. Crum and the two worked together to create what you hear now. The song is a hard hitting anthem that you definitely want to have in your daily rotation. “Us be defeated? Lil homie no way!” The song will also be featured on J. Crum’s upcoming project “Villains” that is releasing June 15. Don’t sleep on this new track from J. Crum and T-Vision.

No Way is available at all streaming and download outlets.

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NB. J. Crum’s new single Falling Skies is out now – get it here

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