Galactus Jack Releases Younger Days Album New Horizon

Galactus Jack Releases Younger Days Album Today

The anticipated new album from award winning DJ and Producer Galactus Jack arrives today, June 15th, on all good streaming and download sites, alongside a CD and Cassette tape version available online and at gigs.

Following up from the 2016 release UNIVERSAL and the Younger Days EP releases throughout 2017, the full Younger Days album is designed for the summer, an unashamed dance record full of songs that are perfect for driving in the sunshine or partying with friends as the sun goes down, that speaks to faith, life and love.
The album features the summer pop anthems Lay It Down and On My Mind – featuring the talents of popular singer songwriter Philippa Hanna and evangelistic party starters Twelve24 respectively – as well as the Afro-inspired beats of Baba Oluwa and the laidback pop hit 100 featuring Dawn Elektra.

The heavier side of Galactus Jack is in full force on the tracks 82 – featuring in-demand producer Geek Boy – and Lionheart, a collaboration with rising dutch DJ Roberto Rosso and featuring the vocal skills of Wilkinson hype-man Ad-Apt, as well as on the trap stylings of Breathe Again.

The SoulBox collaborations Back To Life and I Got You bring a more chilled vibe to the album, alongside Don’t Let Go which sees Rivers & Robots frontman Jonathan Ogden bringing a delicate vocal to a song about finding peace in the chaos of life through relationship with Jesus. The title track is a collaboration between Galactus Jack and Australian spoken word artist Joel McKerrow, which opens up the concept of the album to the listener…

“Younger Days is an album that explores faith and life, and what it means to actively think about your journey as you live it out. There are moments of joy, moments of submission, moments of wrestle, as there are in life. On a surface level, hopefully people will have fun with the record, but as they listen more I hope they begin to think about what it means to have the faith of younger days, the faith of a humble child… to follow Jesus with the humility and joy of being accepted as a child of God, and to enjoy the party along the way.” Galactus Jack.

Galactus Jack performs all over the world, touring fourteen countries over the past twelve months alone, across Europe, The US and Asia. At every concert the gospel is preached, and an invitation is made to begin the adventure of following Jesus…

“I only really have one main criterium for accepting a gig… can I preach the gospel during the show? I love to party, I love to DJ, but those things are just a gateway to sharing the good news with any who would have ears to hear the message. The gospel has lost none of its power, and we are seeing people come to faith all over the world because of God’s goodness. Hopefully these new songs help people discover Jesus, but even better would be if they came to a concert, experienced a great party, and then heard the message that will take the party to another level… not a temporary high in a club, but new life in relationship with Jesus. That’s what its all about.” Galactus Jack 

1. Beginnings
2. New Horizon (feat. Meg Latham)
3. On My Mind (feat. Twelve24)
4. 82 (feat. Geek Boy)
5. Back to Life (feat. SoulBox)
6. Lay It Down (feat. Philippa Hanna)
7. Lay It Down, Pt. II
8. Younger Days (feat. Joel McKerrow)
9. 100 (feat. Dawn Elektra)
10. Breathe Again
11. Baba Oluwa (feat. Pa-Jero)
12. Lionheart (feat. Ad-Apt & Roberto Rosso)
13. I Got You (feat. SoulBox)
14. Don’t Let Go (feat. Jonathan Ogden)

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