Scarlet White Announce End of Band

Scarlet White Announce End of Band

Scarlet White announced the sad news yesterday that their days as a band has come to an end. The statement from Dan, which includes a teaser of new music from himself later this year, can be read below.

Statement from Dan:

10 years ago, I had the privilege of being the founder and an original member of Scarlet White. I always had a passion for music and how powerful it really can be. I’ve heard many amazing stories over the years from many fans on how our music, and the music of many other artists, have changed their lives. Those were, and are, the stories that have kept me going. The passion to record and play music has to be 200% in order to keep going in this industry. Scarlet White has had many ups and downs, constant financial issues, attacks spiritually, attacks on families, and attacks from people that are supposed to be supporting you. The list goes on. Unfortunately for SW, the passion to overcome these issues is not strong enough amongst all band members. A band has to be a team, and if everyone is not on the same page, it fails. I’m not saying that any of this is easy. I know many other artists feel the same and have plenty of hardships. With that being said, Scarlet White will be playing their final 2 shows this July. We will post the dates and venues soon. So please come out if you want to see us perform for the last time.

What I do want everyone to know is that I have so many songs left unwritten, a passion that just won’t die out. It’s your stories at shows, messages on social media, and the many people who send their love and support for what we do that keeps me going. God is the reason I started this, He will always be the center of everything I do. I just won’t stop!

With all of that being said, I will be announcing a new project sometime later this summer. Please keep checking back for the announcement and all the other info you will need!

Scarlet White will always be a part of me and I will always be proud of the accomplishments made from a 100% independent band.

I would like to thank all of people that have helped us along the way!

-All the fans for always believing in us, and of course spreading our music as much as you could! We would’ve never made it this long without your encouragement!

-All the Kickstarter donators over the years. We couldn’t have accomplished anything without you.

-Nancy Matthews, Scott Matthews, Dango, Mike Langford, Justin Rose, Richie English, Peter Letros, Nathan Winter, Lori and Lawrence Minor, Scott, Macey, and Donna Morcom, Shane Boyd, Kyle Fenton, Jenna Riley Sherman, Brandon Mills, The Russell family, Ellie Lane and family, and Jennifer Walter.


Thank you Scarlet White for all the music and memories, may God bless you in whatever’s next for each of you.

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