Help Keep NGEN Radio On The Air!

Help Keep NGEN Radio On The Air!

“I started listening to NGEN. The radio literally changed my whole life. I thank NGEN…for just being there when I didn’t even know I needed them.” – Mario, former drug dealer

91.7 NGEN Radio in Houston isn’t your run of the mill Christian music radio station. Far from it. NGEN is completely listener supported, that means there are no commercial breaks. It’s just non-stop positive hip-hop and pop music with lively short debates on real life issues, positive messages, fun banter, Chris Chicago’s weirdness and encouraging messages of God’s love. NGEN truly is a family of believers, there to support each other when needed and a place where truly everyone is welcome. “Together, we can make a difference. This is where you belong” isn’t just a tagline, it’s a way of life for NGEN Radio. And did we mention that the music is insanely awesome?

“Thank you for your positivity…and for promoting Good in this Bad world. We need this. I need this…your sounds have brought healing to my heart and my mind.” – Israel

NGEN are currently hosting their annual 3-day Power Drive to raise the funds needed to keep the station on air for another year. Would you consider making a difference today and reminding people where hope can be found by giving what you feel led by God to give? The Power Drive ends on Friday. No gift is too small. Can’t give but want to help? Pray and spread the word!

Become a part of the NGEN family by giving today. Here’s how:

By phone: Phone 855.588.6436. There’s a team of willing volunteers standing by (or sitting by!) the phones waiting to take your call.

By text: Text PowerDrive to 41444 (PowerDrive is all 1 word)

Online: Visit and click “Give Now” and follow the instructions.

“Your station has renewed my hope…I was struggling with things in my life such as addiction and resentment and that’s when I found your station. The DJs on your station are real people, and they really spoke to me. Thank you for everything you do.” – Joshua

When you give to NGEN, you make the music happen and change lives. Your giving offers a place of hope, shares God’s love in Houston and around the world and even fosters hope in the community for children and the homeless.

Make a difference today and remind people where hope can be found. Be a part of the NGEN fam. Give today.

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