Alexis Slifer Releases FAMOUS FOR EP - Review: Alexis Slifer Releases EP Famous For

Alexis Slifer Introduces Herself At A Running Start With Famous For EP

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The formidable voice of Alexis Slifer is joining the ranks of other CCM female vocalists with her EP Famous For released in late 2017.  With infectious beats and worshipful lyrics, the 6 songs on this EP have the feel of Meredith Andrews’ lyrics mixed with the pop music style of the late singing group known as 1 Girl Nation.

To start the EP, Slifer offers relatable lyrics in her song “Eagles”. Slifer uses the biblical metaphor of being lifted up with wings like eagles to confidently sing of God’s faithfulness. Along the same lines, “Wildfire” speaks to the all-consuming power of God. A heavy electric snare drives the synth- focused tune until the bridge, where the music is stripped back to highlight a vocal crescendo back into the final chorus.

“Only One in the Room” has a lot going on musically. Not only is it in a minor key, but the chorus itself has several layers of background vocals and instrumental licks.

“Fill You Up” is a catchy, rhythmic tune with lyrically potent verses: “there’s a well of peace/ where the water’s deep/ and you can rest your heart inside its shelter”. Just as catchy is “Wonder”, a purely pop song.

“Famous For” is at heart, a worship song. Slifer sings the chorus strongly, and with deep convictions the words “Shut the mouths of lions/ raise dead hearts to life and/ do what You are famous for” get hammered into your soul. The piano- driven bridge offers a more quiet, moment of worship.

Alexis Slifer offers much potential in the realm of female vocalists. Her voice has power, and her lyrics are packed with passionate conviction as she worships. This EP blends pop and worship styles together, and her lyrics range from simple to profound. It is clear that Slifer’s introduction into the music industry is at a running start.

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