Dee Black releases Fight Club album + Kyrie music video

Dee Black releases Flight Club album + Kyrie music video

With the release of his new album Flight Club, Dee Black drops a new single and video “KYRIE”.

The idea of a dribbling a basketball and overcoming adversity is what inspired the song. A ball may fall a thousand times to the ground, but it continues to bounce back.  What better example to use when dribbling a ball than Kyrie Irving,” Dee Black says.

A catchy hook and the changing pace of the verses will keep you bouncing with the track.

Directed by 4K for Film You Family

Flight Club is available at select digital outlets including:
Apple Music:
Google Play:

Flight Club track list
1. Boarding
2. Runway
3. New Wine (feat. Germaine Martel)
4. Flight Announcement
5. Good Day (feat. Jered Sanders, Eshon Burgundy)
6. Hands High
7. Kyrie
8. One King (feat. Sean Blu)
9. Rock (feat. Mission)
10. Bottom Line (feat. Brother 3, Mouthpiece)
11. Turbulence (feat. Phil J)
12. Landing
13. Baggage Claim

Source: SOHH PR

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