Getting your music featured on sites is an art in itself. Here’s our guide on how to make it much more likely we’ll feature your submissions on our site. Our clear submission instructions can be seen here.

The first thing to say before we go any further is please don’t add us to your email lists without our permission. Our inboxes are crowded enough as it is!

We receive hundreds of content submissions every month, and that’ll soon be each week, so if your submission email annoys us, doesn’t stand out or just requires a lot more work for us, we will more often than not just move on to the next one that’s easier and quicker to deal with. Our intention is to cover as much as possible, especially where indie artists are concerned, but it’s simply impossible to cover everything, let alone keep up with every single submission. (If you want to join the team to help us cover more, please see here). Most of the time if we don’t cover your submission and/or get back to you, it’s simply because we either completely missed your email or it just didn’t stand out to us to make us click on it/want to do anything with it.

The first couple of tips are very simple straightforward ones. If a site tells you how to submit music to them, follow the instructions exactly. If you just tweet us/comment with a link to your music, we won’t check it out, purely out of principle. The same goes for if you just email us with a link to your music, it will just be skipped over out of principle.

If you don’t take the time over submitting your art to our website, why should we take the time to promote it?! If you value your art, we will do our best to value it too.

Following on from that, if you submit music to “our radio station” then you clearly haven’t taken the time to know who you’re submitting it to. Also a music submission email to us that’s clearly a generic one (and/or is sent to multiple sites at once) is a big ‘no no’ too.  Take the time to find out who we are, it’ll only take you a few minutes and will make it much more likely for your submission to be covered.

This next tip seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it happens. If you’re submitting music to our site, a Christian music site, don’t send us tracks that have any profanity in them!

Luckily for you we cover pretty much all styles of music but, on behalf of other music sites, please also take the time to discover what type of music they cover. If they’re a hip hop site, maybe don’t send them a rock or metal track.

These next three tips are key and finding the balance between them can sometimes be tricky but take the time over it to nail it.

  • Don’t make your submission a super long 1000 word essay. As we’ve already mentioned we deal with a lot of submissions every day. We don’t have time to pick out the key points from tons of text.
  • Make sure it includes all the details about the submission you want us to include, and make sure they’re accurate. Don’t put something in that you don’t want us to include, and don’t leave out stuff you want us to include.
  • Please include all the relevant links, especially at least a few social media links. If we have to go searching for them, we’re much less likely to cover you.

Taking an extra 5 minutes to make sure your submission has no typos, mistakes or the wrong track/link attached is also crucial. If we can’t understand your email, it’ll be skipped.

And a final few key tips to finish up with, if we’d have never heard of you, tell us about who you are in a succinct manner. Think about it, if you tell us who you are, I don’t then have to spend time finding out who are and can use that same time to have covered your submission.

Following on from that, if you’re a new artist, or definitely if your music is ‘just average’, don’t tell us you’re as good as, or better than, the likes of Lecrae, Andy Mineo and Skillet etc. Number 1 because you should run your own race but, more crucially, because you don’t. If you can’t be honest with yourself and take yourself seriously, why should we take your music seriously? Obviously don’t say “my music is ‘just average’”, that would just be silly, but just be honest and accurate.

And lastly, don’t do the ‘over demanding submission email’. It frankly pisses all editors off and I can pretty much guarantee we won’t cover you. If we were to do this ‘first introduction to you/your music’ thing in person, would you scream in my face straight off the bat that I have to cover you? No you wouldn’t (and if you would, maybe see someone about that!). So why would you do it via an email? Be polite, be courteous and be professional. Treat us with respect, and we’ll treat your submission with respect.

To sum up, taking the extra little bit of time to make sure your submission follows our guidelines will make it much more likely we’ll cover it. Make sure everything that needs to be in that first email is there, if it’s not we’ll move on as we almost certainly won’t have the time to reach back out to you asking you for the picture or social links you forgot etc.

What happens if I’ve followed the guidelines but not been covered?

Now let’s cover what happens if you have followed our guidelines but we either haven’t covered it or you haven’t got a reply. Quite simply, follow up with us. Obviously not later that same day you submitted it to us, and don’t spam us, but doing so a week or two later once or twice is absolutely fine. Before following up, especially the 2nd follow up, think about your original email and why we may not have covered it, maybe there wasn’t something quite right about it that you could change to make it stand out more/follow our guidelines closer. Quite often though we liked your submission, thought ‘yeah we’ll cover that’ and then just simply didn’t had the time and forgotten all about it dealing with the swarm of new emails that have since come in. We always mean to ‘go back through emails and tidy up the loose ends’ but, again, time isn’t on our side. Especially at the moment when this site is run outside of our normal day time jobs. Following up means that we may remember wanting to post your submission before and make it more likely we’ll prioritise covering it that time, and it shows us that you care about your music.

Also, don’t expect us to reply to your email. If you do get a reply, then count is as a bonus (lucky you!). We deal with lots of submissions from artists and pr agents alike each day and we don’t have the time or manpower to ever keep up with them all, let alone cover them all or get back to you all. We will always try to make an effort to personally send you the link to the coverage but more often that not we’ll just tag you in our coverage on social media.

If we don’t cover your submission, even after you’ve followed up 1 or 2 times, then don’t be offended and certainly don’t give up. Sure, sometimes your music just isn’t good enough but more often than not it’s just because we didn’t have the time and/or something else stood out to us more. But don’t give up. Just because we haven’t covered your submission doesn’t mean we won’t cover your next submission, or the one after that and so on. Keep on trying. If we tell you please don’t submit to us again (very rare) then listen to that but otherwise keep submitting to us.

If we don’t cover your submission but you really feel as though it should be featured on our site (again, be honest with yourself), then browse our advertising packages. Unless your music really isn’t good enough to be featured on our site at all, then that’s one sure fire way to get it featured on the site.

And the last thing to say, have a thick skin. If we don’t cover your submissions, don’t take it to heart and bash us. It’s true we may just not like your music enough to do anything with it. That doesn’t mean the music’s not good enough for a different site to post. We try to be unbiased and think about what our audience will like but sometimes our personal bias will get in the way. It’s ok, people like, and agree on, different things. Agree to disagree and move on, or keep submitting songs in the hope they get covered. However, don’t change your sound or content just to be featured on our site. So what if your songs aren’t being featured on our site, it doesn’t mean they won’t still have an impact on those people who need to hear your/God’s message. Keep doing you.

We look forward to (hopefully) covering your music on the site! Brief instructions on how to submit are here.

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