Johnny Anomaly’s new video for his latest spoken word piece Wings is incredibly moving, motivating and downright awesome. Check it out above! The single can be bought on Bandcamp here.

As well as being a Spoken Word artist, Johnny hosts The Creative Coping Podcast and you can find out more about that here.

Johnny’s Bio:

Johnny Anomaly is a spoken word poet, author, and public speaker from Houma, Louisiana. Since 2012, he has been known as an artist with a knack for entertaining crowds with the emotionally charged storytelling of his life that is illustrated in every performance. He has released several spoken word albums and EP’s as well as self-published his first book of poetry in 2017 titled, “Fragments of a Broken Man”.

 It’s been stated by Neil Strauss of The New York Times that, “Nothing provokes the artistic sensibility like grief…In grief is a myriad of human terrors: the visceral blow that brings rage and outrage, the insidious settling in of pain and sadness; the concentric waves of anguish that continue through time. All of these have been evoked through the centuries with the power of great imaginations.”
It was at the intersection of art and grief that has led to the artists’ most recent endeavor, to host his own podcast on creative coping; a technique that has been beneficial to him throughout the years of post-traumatic growth. The show is geared toward those who have shared similar experiences, and will soon feature interviews with other creators.

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