Bethel Music Kids Relaunches as Bright Ones

Bethel Music’s Bright Ones is “Invigorating & Inspiring”

Bright Ones, formed as an extension of Bethel Music and Bethel Church as a ministry for creative youth, released their self-titled album at the end of April and is available now. Breaking the mold of kid’s worship, the album features a diverse pop-influenced soundscape with a mixture of re-invented covers and original songs written by members of Bethel Music. Featuring the unique talent of nine kids ages 12 to 16, the inspiring collection of songs invites listeners to experience what is possible when a group of young people fully believe they are the light of the world carrying a message meant to impact others.

Here’s what the critics are saying…
“These 12 songs are theologically intelligent and sonically relevant…[Bright Ones] highlights the team’s knack for reaching today’s kids without embarrassing them or the name of Jesus. Moreover, this album also testifies to the versatility of Bethel Music’s catalog.  Not only are they made for adults to sing but they are also worship opportunities made for kids too.” – Hallels  
“Led by talented 12-16 year olds from the Bethel Music family, Bright Ones is invigorating & inspiring…” – CCM Magazine
“Bright Ones never runs out of steam. Even in its slower moments, it refuses to simply fall into what a worship song should sound like…[It] doesn’t give the impression of a grown-up’s faith repackaged for kids, but rather tells of the experiences that are unique to a young faith.”- Eden
“This isn’t your grandmother’s worship music, it may not even be your mother’s. With a blend of pop, techno, and even dubstep; this album will encourage youth to worship at a whole new level.” – Faith Filled Family
“Young or old, Bright Ones will remind you of the light within you, who you reflect, and cause you to dance and sing in reverent worship.”
Bright Ones is now available here.

Source: The M Collective

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