Poetic Descent Rise Out of Mayfly's Ashes; Debut Single Close Encounter Out Now - Poetic Descent signs management and PR deal with Swamp Fawx Artist Collective

Poetic Descent signs management and PR deal with Swamp Fawx Artist Collective

Swamp Fawx Artist Collective is ran by Joel Holycross, friend and former bandmate. Joel states that as soon as Jared shared Poetic Descent’s music with him, he had to be a part of it. So they had a casual meeting at Steak N Shake, and signed the lines.

The band also states: We are excited to be a part of the Swamp Fawx Artist Collective roster. Joel was the founding member of our previous band, Mayfly, and has continued to be a good friend to us since leaving the band. The business side of music was always a strength and something he was passionate about when in Mayfly. Many of our successes in that band, including signing to Voluminous Records, can be contributed to Joel’s hard work in getting the word out to the right people. He’s already been working with us in submitting our new music to radio and we look forward to seeing what opportunities this partnership will present to us in the future. – Poetic Descent

(You can hear their lead radio single “Close Encounter” here.

Be sure to contact your favorite rock station and request it.

Source: Swamp Fawx Artist Collective

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