Recently at the May 4th City Rockfest date in Pennsylvania Random Hero guitarist Joshua Bertrand was injured in a fall on stage.  The diagnosis is a fractured wrist.  A GoFundMe campaign has been launched so fans can donate to this medical bill costs.  Joshua remained on tour for one more show to do back up vocals, but he will not be on the remaining City Rockfest dates.  Send some prayers his way and donate if you feel led.

There’s no “goal” really for this campaign but we wanted to help him out best we can as he’s a great person and an amazing friend. If you follow Level 2 at all you’ve heard him on our livestreams and you know how big his heart is. We estimate the cost for medical bills will be around $5,000 but that can always change as time goes on. He’s home resting, and obviously won’t be able to play guitar for a bit. Any little bit helps out. If you can’t donate if you could please share to help spread the word of that would be amazing.

Donate to the Gofundme Campaign here.

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